Technical Consultancy

At this time we are catering India / Uae / Africa / Rusia / uk  and lot more countries….. while catering these clients, we came to know that there are few countries who are lack of this Technology knowledge. And because of that they won’t be able to find out the right plant for right products.

Hence, we have decided why not to serve them with minimal cost, so that client will get the right technology with right plant for right products….

Why is Technical Consultant required before purchasing a coating plant?

Technical Consultancy means writing detailed specifications for the complete coating plant after thoroughly understanding the customer’s requirement.

“Surface coating technology” is a vast subject covering various aspects like “Surface Preparation Technology, Powder Coating Technology, Liquid Painting Technology, Material Handling Technology and Waste Management Technology”.

One should have complete knowledge of various paint, powder, pretreatment chemicals and abrasives available in the market along with the latest technology.

It is strongly advisable to hire experts who can write complete specifications for your plant instead you are wasting lot of time, energy, money and finally making a mistake in conceiving the plant.

Kind of Technical Consultants are available in market now?

Frankly very few Technical Consultants who are doing a professional job. Even those consultants generally would have worked 15 – 20 years in a specific industry that too in production and maintenance yet consider themselves as experts for designing and conceiving coating plants for different products and applications. They certainly have lot of limitations.

Many of them lack global exposure, not familiar with all types of technology, not used to designing plants.

Generally, they take up the assignment with a specific agenda of recommending their own known supplier and many of them involve in corrupt practices.

Why choose you for our consultancy work before purchasing a coating plant?

We only creating the RFQ – detailed specifications for the complete plant and will not involve in evaluating and recommending supplier of the coating plant.

We will be available for technical clarification if required at later stages also. Hence you are assured of many things!

We will create the specifications after discussing with their entire team, which consists of many technical experts with over 25 years of experience and global exposure in designing and commissioning coating plants for various types of products. (Unlike a consultant who is an individual)

We will charge 9 % of the project value for the Technical Consultancy work which is very reasonable and moreover which you can recover within a few months by selecting right plant for your products through us.

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