Project Management

Systematic Excellence, Planning for Quality

Each projects team is formed according to the needs of the customers projects. And that team advices and assist you From starts to finish-from the proposal phase to final acceptance resting at your site.

Our project philosophy

When it comes to state-of-the-art surface treatments / surface coating, sound planning is just as Important as the technology deployed. At RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP we appoint a dedicated manager to oversee every step of the project lifecycle-from feasibility checks, to compliance documentation. The project manager also supervises the integration add-on processes, technologies, and all automation solutions. As well as receiving regular project status reports, you are welcome to call or e-mail us for a progress update at any time.

Systematic methodology

Our project management is based on proactive risk management, and on strict adherence to a highly Systematic methodology comprising 26 step, with clearly defined activities, roles, responsibilities and interfaces. Moreover, we provide an end-to-end quality-management program with complete documentation of all project phases

A firm commitment to research and development

The quality and efficiency of RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP Systems depends on us leaving nothing to change. Our R&D specialists challenge conventional approaches in the quest for new and better solutions. We conduct feasibility and concept studies both as part of customer project and as a stand-alone service. This includes verifying critical processes either before or during the design engineering phase. We also conduct long term studies, subjecting materials and replacement parts to a whole battery of endurance tests

Ongoing progress monitoring

During the implementation phase. We define milestones. Coordinate resources, and plan sourcing of third-party components. The project manager regularly checks progress against the timelines, and ensures, everything runs to plan. Design, procurement manufacture, assembly and shipment are carefully coordinated and supervised. Employing simultaneous engineering techniques, we plan and build your project while you finalized your product design- significantly reducing time-to-market. Where required, the project manager will also implement subsequently agreed modification. We design our automation technology to evolve in step with our product – for example, by integrating additional processes of modifying existing ones.

Cutting-edge collaboration tools

RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP deploys the latest communications technologies to maximize efficiency. We use webex to hold design meetings over the Internet. gathering all project stakeholders around a virtual table. Participants can discuss AutoCAD and Solidworks drawings and make proposals and changes that can be immediately implemented.

Time Saving data management

The RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP knowledge database provides systematically organized content on typical tasks and solutions. It gives all project stakeholders easy access to our accumulated expertise. program with complete documentation of all project phases.

High-quality proposals and specifications

At the project planning stage, we take an in-depth looks at all aspects of feasibility and risk relating to your application. Our engineers analyze your requirements and compare them with RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP system specifications (using a delta matrix). You will receive a proposal that includes detailed time Iines and resource plants. Once you place an order, your project is handed over to a dedicated project manager

Our services

Play a key role i making your assembly system a success at every stage i.e. from plan, to build, to run. In other words, we provide support from the moment you decide to invest in an assembly system, i.e. from designing , building , commissioning throughout the operating phase and also to demonstrate the reliability of our products and services.


RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP has an outstanding track record when it comes to qualification, having provided documentation for over 100 projects is an essential part of quality management in pharmaceutical , Automobile & Electrical sectors enabling process validation and ensuring consistently high product quality

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