Powder Coating Systems

The individual business units of RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP present industrial finishing – electrostatics powder coating, and a wide range of coatings and technologies for various applications. Whether your business operates in small-scale shop, high production manufacturing facility, or somewhere in between, Raj System Finishing Technologies is the best choice for all of your finishing application needs. Markets and requirements constantly change and so in the coating industry where quality, price/performance expectations are continually becoming more demanding. Flexibility in color changes is one of the most important customer requirements ; the corresponding procedure must be fast and economical. Equipment reliability, ease of operation and cleanliness are also of great importance to the users.

An ideal solution is the the booth systems in a totally new design. Optimized to each application Recovery with multi-cyclone, cartridge or plate filters: The design satisfies the customer requirement for greater flexibility by allowing a combination between a single color and multi color systems. The corresponding unit can be connected to the same booth opening, depending on the production run.

Perfect Cure

The Baking process is the final & crucial in the paint finishing process, Oven controls component body temperature and the bake oven environment to produce coating finishes of consistently exquisite quality.
Our Oven can raise the temperature of difficult to heat areas, within a shorter period of time than traditional Ovens. Applying rapid moving hot air to the body through a slit-type nozzle enables this design is to be a fast heating that enhances the raising of temperature in thick parts in and around the body. Our bottom line is to take a design approach that ensures that customers will get the maximum possible output with the least maintenance and trouble free plant operation.
The plant is designed to be versatile so that the same infrastructure can be employed to handle jobs as diverse as aluminum, switchgear, appliances etc. The heating chamber is a result of design excellence, making it so compact and efficient that it ensures customers will get maximum heat transfer efficiency with minimum fuel consumption. We can offer – Camel Bake and Ground mounted of “S” Loope, “A” type, “U” type Ovens.

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