Material Handling

Transporting not only component but also information, the conveyor systems offer many benefits. With the proper layout and selection of the appropriate conveyance method for each process, Conveyor results in an overall improvement in paint shop efficiency and quality. Having many years of experience with the processes of paint ing industries, we created the track record in Conveyor.

Conveyor for plant (Belt, Chain, Overhead, Ground based)

Exhaust & Ventilation

Room Pressurization

Dust Collector

Fume Exhaust System

Solving the issue of pollution is a world wide challenge. Dust particles from booth exhausts constitute a serious problem through their effects on the local neighborhoods and through the drift hazard effect on manufactured. Exhaust & Ventilation Low coat, highly effective pollution control systems, Due to the nature of the materials handled and equipment used, a painting plant must incorporate comprehensive procedures to prevent air, water and noise pollution. Utilizing its expertise in the controls of heat, air and water RAJ SURFACE FINISHING & COATING LLP developed systems to controls all type of pollution.

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