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We do undertake activities such as dismantling, erection & commissioning, existing plant expansion & plant shifting. Our project team consists of experienced engineers who are very proficient at handling these activities. Our project engineers have converted many tedious tasks into successful projects , as erection and commissioning primarily refers to the installation and professional oversight of major industrial plant facilities and large equipment installation by qualified design engineers.
We had been synonymous for top quality leading turnkey project solutions in surface coating technology for engineering & automobile sectors. We have executed 100+ projects while foraying to foreign shores in order to cater our customers. We offer our customers a full spectrum of comprehensive services in connection with our pl ants & ma chines. Our highly qua li f ied technicians & engineers work continuously to improve our products.

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Around 50 employees are at your service at our company locations around the globe. This fully connected network means our technical support is never far away allowing us to help you in preventing production stoppages and downtime.

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